This is our basic esports betting guide for those of you who are new to Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) gambling. Here we explain all basics about this epic game and what is involved in betting. Let’s start with a quick overview of what exactly CS:GO is and review it’s brief history with Valve’s short video.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.


CS:GO Brief History by Valve

CS:GO and esports betting in general works just like any sports betting. So, if you are familiar with sports betting you shouldn’t have issues. For example, in CS:GO there are two teams: Team A and Team B. You can bet on:

  • which team will win the match
  • which team will win a certain map
  • which team will win a pistol round
  • number of maps team will win
  • number of kills team will make, etc.

💡 Please note, that odds in gambling, that are displayed, do not represent the true chances of someone winning, but the amount that the bookmaker will payout on a winning bet.

So, let’s say that Team A is a favoured team, and Team B is not a well-known team. Betting basics say that Team A will have low odds, which means that they will likely win and your payout won’t be so big, but Team B will have high odds and that means payout will be bigger. The catch is that Team B has lower chances of winning. All of that means that before making a bet, it is very important to do research on specific game and teams that you are betting on. For example, Team A might be favoured because they won a lot of tournaments, but they might not be so good on a certain map, or against some play styles that Team B is using.


The most important thing in betting is not to predict teams that are winning all the time, but to find a team that can win more often when odds are against them. Yes, it is a very hard task, and sometimes it may seem or be even impossible. But if you really want to become notorious esports gambler with the high winning rate in CS:GO betting, you must train your brain and extend knowledge constantly to achieve it in all cases when it is possible.

Bet Types

If you are into CS:GO betting or esports betting in general, you probably understand that there are several ways to place your bets. If you are still relatively new to CS:GO betting, then this guide will help you on this.

If you feel it is right time to learn more in this field, take a look at CS:GO betting principles and don’t forget to read our betting tips on CS:GO as those will definitely help you when it comes to developing your theoretical and practical knowledge in CS:GO gambling.

Starting from betting types involved in CS:GO gambling – there are four different ways for you to bet on CS:GO matches:

1. Firstly, the core of all CS:GO betting tips are the pre-match settings.
2. Afterwards, there is live betting

And in 2019, CS:GO betting advanced to a new level – two new bet types have been introduced to the betting market:

3. Outright bets, and
4. Fantasy bets.

Virtus.Pro at Intel Extreme Masters 2014 (IEM) – Electronic Sports World Cup on March 16, 2014 in Katowice, Silesia, Poland.

Further, we are diving a little bit deeper into all four of those bet types, and looking into odds in CS:GO betting.

Pre-Match Betting

As mentioned above, this type of CS:GO betting is the core of every esports bookmaker, including OlyBet. If you are into esports betting, you have definitely already seen those on every esports bookmaker out there. In this case, you are basically betting on a match-winner. When it comes to CS:GO, this bet is mostly related to 2-Way betting, which means that tie is not an option, someone has to win anyway.

If only everything about CS:GO betting could be so simple. As of late, a lot of esports bookmakers focused on CS:GO are providing their bettors with tons of special bets (or props bets). This basically means that you can bet on a lot of various things. These are just the most popular ones:

  • map handicap
  • will there be overtime
  • total rounds (including overtime)
  • odd/even rounds
  • pistol round winner
  • round handicap
  • correct score
  • Team 1/2 to win at least one map.

OlyBet and Olympic Casino constantly offer industry-standard pre-match bets and a lot of special bets for various CS:GO and other esports games too. Just pick the desired CS:GO League and you will get all currently available betting options.

Live Betting

Today CS:GO live betting has already become an essential part of OlyBet offers. Alongside pre-match betting, CS:GO live betting is attracting more and more bettors. Live betting is basically you placing a bet on a match that is played live.

Back in late 2017 and early 2018, live betting on CS:GO was virtually impossible. Live events were blocked all the time, and you would consider yourself lucky if you were able to place your live bet on a CS:GO match. Starting 2019 it has been a totally different story. A lot of strong CS:GO bookmakers (such as OlyBet) stepped up with their game massively, and now we can finally and fully enjoy CS:GO live betting.

Outright Betting

This is the latest addition to the types of CS:GO betting. Some state this is definitely the most exciting and the most fun betting section on the market. Furthermore, this CS:GO betting method can also save you a lot of money, especially if you are on the losing side of things.

Outright CS:GO betting is basically a bet placed on a tournament winner. 

💡 Check which CS:GO teams are dominating at this moment, and if there is such team – it means there is barely any value on outright bets, especially if they are playing on the CS:GO event you want to place your bet on.

However, betting on CS:GO outrights has always been packed with high odds, so you should always throw one part of your bankroll into your outright CS:GO bet.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive cyber sport event. Astralis players at cabin during the game versus SK gaming. Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2017.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive cyber sport event. Astralis players at cabin during the game versus SK gaming. Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2017.

Fantasy Betting

Similar to outright CS:GO betting, CS:GO fantasy has been added in order to offer us, bettors, more options to base our bets on. Even though this may not be the most popular CS:GO betting method at the moment, it is definitely the most entertaining one.

In CS:GO fantasy, you will basically create your ideal team. This means that you will need 5 players.

💡 However, there is a catch. In most cases, you will be limited by the salary cap, so you will not be able to have five-star players on your roster. This means that you will simply have to find a perfect balance or a player that will over-perform.

OlyBet is amongst CS:GO bookmakers that offer CS:GO fantasy betting. In most cases, you will be able to place fantasy picks on CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2.

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Understanding Odds

Odds come in three different types:

  • decimal
  • fractional, and
  • implied probability.

Decimal Odds (e.g. 2.11)

Decimal odds give you the easiest conversion from stake to return, e.g. bet 5€ with odds at 2.11. 5€ x 2.11 = 10.55€ return (including your original 5€ stake).

Fractional Odds (e.g. 2/1)

Unless you’re into horse racing or the English, this shouldn’t come up.

Implied Probability (e.g. 55%)

This is a more readable figure of what odds say the chances of this bet occurring are. This can be highly inaccurate and is used more as a reference to help you calculate the risk in your own head. To calculate a return on probability odds use the following:

Decimal odds = 100 / probability odds.

E.g. 100 / 55 = 1.81.

So a 5€ stake would return 9.05€ (4.05€ profit).

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These are basics for CS:GO betting, but only just a beginning – we will continue to add additional guidelines for newbies. Have you find what you were looking for? Let us know in the comments below and we will update this guide.

To be continued …

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