Before even thinking about CS:GO betting, we recommend to ask yourself three critical questions.

1. Do you love CS:GO?
2. Can you afford to spend X Eur (pick any suitable) on betting?
3. Can I afford to lose X Eur (pick any suitable) on betting?

If the answer to any of those is negative, then please save yourself the tears and stop before you start. Now, if you answered positively to all three questions, take a look at the CS:GO betting tips we recommend below.

Congratulations, you’ve passed our first test for successful gambling! But before you start looking at odds, decide for yourself who you think will win the match between the two teams. Do your own research, the more you know the higher your chances of making a successful bet. Make sure you know and always strictly follow CS:GO betting principles. And if you are new to CS:GO gambling, we recommend to read our CS:GO betting basics firstly.


Find a CS:GO team that can win more often when odds are against them.

If you will carefully monitor CS:GO gaming matches and esports market, you will definitely notice CS:GO teams starting to rise at some time, and so constantly becoming industry rising stars. Bookmakers usually do not consider their winning rate stable enough, and so their victory odds usually are quite high at that point. Yet at the same time, many of such CS:GO teams become future leaders of CS:GO tournaments and leagues, and when it is so – their victory odds turn into lowest ones. As you’ve probably already realized, before these rising stars become permanent and stable leaders, it’s a time of great opportunity for gamblers. This tip may be effectively applied in any sports and esports gambling market.

Remember, the most important thing in betting is not to predict teams that are winning all the time, but to find a team that can win more often when odds are against them. It is a very hard task, sometimes it may seem or even be impossible (totally depending on objective circumstances). But at the end of the day, everything actually depends on your market knowledge, analytical skills, will and sometimes a little bit of luck. So if you want to become professional esports gambler with a high win rate in CS:GO betting, you must constantly monitor CS:GO market, train your brain, will and extend knowledge to achieve winning in all possible cases.


Starting out with an overall inventory size, this is the amount you’re willing to lose if it all goes wrong.

By fixing this amount in your mind, you’ll get a clear marker of when to stop which is very important to understand. For some, this is 1000 Eur, for others 50 Eur or even 5 Eur. Whatever the amount is, make sure you’re comfortable with it, and strictly following it. If you lose everything, force yourself to take at least a week off before starting up again – it will help to clear your mind and come up with fresh betting ideas, or take longer holidays from esports betting.


Analysis, analysis, analysis. Look at past match results between these two CS:GO teams.

If possible see if any CS:GO players had huge performances which caused them to win, in a close series perhaps a team won a lot of clutches/both pistol rounds. Maybe different rosters played, has the roster improved/gotten worse since the swap. Check any other patterns that could cause winnings or having an edge.


Check the CS:GO maps and event format.

Check the teams’ success on maps are good at. Usually, teams and players have their favourite maps, and they are more successful there. Try to plan out the veto process in your head to see what the map(s) might come to. This could decide the series and give you a good idea on who will win the series.

Most of the games in CS:GO is based on the best-of-3 (BO3) series. However, in some scenarios, group stages can be played in the best-of-1 (BO1) format, while the grand final can also be played in the best-of-5 (BO5) series. These are all the maps that are in the active map pool at the moment – find more at Counter-Strike Wiki if you need to:

Nuke - CS:GO Map LogoDust 2 - CS:GO Map LogoVertigo - CS:GO Map LogoOverpass - CS:GO Map LogoInferno - CS:GO Map LogoMirage - CS:GO Map LogoTrain - CS:GO Map Logo
NukeDust IIVertigoOverpassInfernoMirageTrain

As we already noted, not all the esports teams favour the same map. For instance, Astralis enjoys playing Nuke. On the other hand, FaZe is known for its excellent plays on Mirage.

The same thing can be applied to others. If you are able to predict the correct maps that are going to be played in the best-of-3 series, you will be one step ahead of us, CS:GO bookmakers.

If you are not familiar with how the map veto works, we got you covered. As we mentioned above, there are a lot of format variations. These are the ones that are mostly on the CS:GO professional scene:



This format is most popular in CS:GO leagues. Furthermore, it is commonly used in a lot of CS:GO tournaments, but only for the group stage. Not only that, but sometimes it can also be used just for the opening matches.

TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban

TEAM 1 Pick

As you can see from the above, one team is going to ban three maps while the other only gets to ban two. To make this right, a lot of tournaments will let Team 2 choose the side on which they want to start the CS:GO match.

Remember, BO1 format has a dramatically increased chance of an unexpected result.


A lot of tier 2 and tier 3 tournaments and qualifiers may use this format simply because they want to allow teams to qualify even if they are not winning all of their matches. Even though you will barely ever see this format used, it should still be mentioned.

TEAM 1 Ban
M 2 Ban
TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban

TEAM 1 Pick
TEAM 2 Pick

When it comes to the CS:GO betting perspective, this format can cause you a real headache. With regular BO1, BO3 or even BO5 format, there are only two outcomes, but with this one, a draw is an option as well.

Please note, BO2 the favourite should be a more reliable bet, however a draw is possible.


This is definitely the most popular match format in CS:GO. It is widely used by almost every professional CS:GO tournament out there. Math is pretty simple in this one. If a team has a weakness when it comes to maps they play (or in this case, they do not play), this format can be heavily abused. This is why the best-of-3 format is the best.

TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban

TEAM 1 Pick
TEAM 2 Pick
TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban

One map is left as a decider

While you are doing your analysis, you definitely want to try and predict map veto for this format. Not only will this give you an edge against CS:GO and esports bookmakers, it will also give you an insight about maps that certain teams do and do not like.

Remember, BO3 in most cases the favourite should be able to recover but upsets are always possible.


This CS:GO format is used only for the grand finals of certain tournaments. So do not be surprised if you do not stumble upon this one for a while.

TEAM 1 Ban
TEAM 2 Ban

TEAM 1 Pick
TEAM 2 Pick
TEAM 1 Pick
TEAM 2 Pick
One map is left as a decider

If you are wondering why would there need to be a pick section in this once, do not skip this part. Not every team is good on a total of 5 maps. That is why every team will go for one pick at the time. This will greatly increase the level of competition in this match. From the CS:GO betting perspective, you should definitely have a deep dive into the teams’ map pools in order to see who is going to have an edge.

Remember, BO5 format may be a true test for any CS:GO team to be consistent across multiple maps, but really good teams should win this.


Check if the team lineup is consistent.

Look to see if the lineup is consistent or does the team win with certain players but not others. See if there are any standings for the match.


Fatigue. Research recent travels for the teams. Have the teams traveled far?

Check to see if the sides have recently travelled to/from an event, as jet lag or long trips can affect a player’s performance.


Sports form. Check individual players practice times – should be at least 40 hours for the past 2 weeks.

Look at the player’s steam accounts for the hours played on CS:GO the past two weeks. This is a pretty clear indicator of how much work they are putting in. You should be seeing above 40 hours for the past two weeks, anything below is pretty low for a professional player and they could be rusty.


Look for late developments in player’s life.

Check the players’ social media accounts. Anger or sickness prior to a match is a good sign they’re not going to play on top form.


Check their past match performances.

If you have time, watch the team’s recent matches, see how they play and look for weaknesses or strengths. Make sure to note the teams form to see if they are currently slumping, or perhaps on a hot streak of form.


Use CS:GO match predictor information.

Look at what predictors are saying about the CS:GO match. They will have all of this work done and have a good estimation of how the match should turn out. They’ll also recommend the size of bet to place and give a good idea at the amount of risk associated with this.


Look at the bets the community tipsters are placing.

Look at the highest ranked tipsters and see which way they’re betting. Here are some good examples where you may find good tips (but please use them at your own risk):


Talk to the CS:GO betting community.

Use the match chat to see if there’s any other final information you might be missing. Here are widely respected communities you may like to follow to get daily and fresh tips on CS:GO betting:


Filter relevant but unproven information. It is hard, but a must step.

When using other, unproven information, take it in with a solid pinch of salt. Some unexperienced tipsters at times may attempt to sway users into making the bad bet in an attempt to sway the odds and return a greater profit for themselves. The individual(s) may over-exaggerate and/or make up false information. So make sure you are:
a) listening to reliable sources, and
b) double-checking any information you receive.

Sometimes it may be hard to filter our unproven information and fake facts, but please make sure you take all possible steps to use only proven information for betting purposes.


Be careful of form.

Seeing the form a team is currently is experiencing is great and should give you a general idea for the match, however, do not fall into the trap that form = everything. Often times a team may be struggling, or doing really poorly, however that does not mean that it will continue, that spree may break at any time.

Always remember, the final decision to bet is yours. These are probably the most important tips for CS:GO betting. Yet we will add many more of them shortly. Do you know more tips that could be useful for CS:GO bettors? Please let us all know in the comments below!

To be continued soon …

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